Bird Dream Forewarning Blizzards (1959)
Cape Dorset First Edition

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Judith Varney Burch lectures at
Yunnan Ethnology Museum, China
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Welcome. You may value what I value: unique people, unique Inuit art, and unique relationships. I work closely with individuals and institutions around the world. My office on the UVA Corner is open to anyone with an appointment. Do not hesitate to call or email if you will be in Charlottesville or nearby Washington. I hope to meet you and give you a showing of special pieces in my collections by artists such as Abraham Anghik, Jessie Oonark, Luke Anguhadluq, Osuitok Ipeelie, Kenojuak Ashevak, David Ruben Piqtoukun, Judas Ullulaq, Elizabeth Nutaraluk, and Barnabus Arnasungaaq. I can help you to understand how I serve this community and how I would welcome you and your interests in this process. I also love serving educators and students who are learning about the Arctic. Learn more at ArcticCultureForum.Org

ARCTIC INUIT ART, 22 Elliewood Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Office: (434) 964-1996
Cell: (434) 284-1884